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The Yellowhead Area includes 10 participant communities and villages as well as five country communities. Visit this site for a total listing.

The Community Profile provides quick descriptions of participant areas of the Yellowhead REDA with links to their internet sites, if offered, links to area information from the 2006 Canadian Demographics as well as web links to data for the country communities from the 2006 Demographics of Agricultural.

Yellowhead residents are very active in their communities, so there’s likewise a web link to basic information regarding types of neighbourhood companies that operate in the area

The Country District of Spy Hill with an area of 680 square kilometres, is the Yellowhead’s second most intensively utilized for farming with 120 farms occupying regarding 67,400 acres (99.4 per cent of the land area). With a typical size of 1,392 hectares, the RM’s farms are without a doubt the biggest in the area, surpassing its nearest competitor by about half. Situated in the Yellowhead’s southeast field, the RM has the picturesque Qu’Appelle River valley as its southerly boundary. Highways 22 and 8 are the areas primary transport paths. The towns of Gerald and Spy Hillside are located in the RM.


Churches Priest to Lots Of Denominations

The Yellowhead has almost 40 Christian churches in the areas of Kamsack, Langenburg, Churchbridge, Saltcoats, Spy Hill and Esterhazy standing for a wide variety of confidences consisting of: Anglican, Baptist, Doukhobor, Creator Witness, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Salvation Military, United, Ukrainian Catholic, Romanian Orthodox and also Ukrainian Orthodox.

Service Clubs and Fraternal Organizations Are Stood For in the Area

The area consists of 17 solution clubs like Lions and also Rotating as well as 7 fraternal organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Freemasons and Odd Fellows.

Sports and Recreation as well as Arts as well as Social Organizations

Details info is located in the Arts/Culture and Sports/ Entertainment areas.
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